Patient Information

At Midland Cardio Vascular Services our Misson Statement is:

“To deliver excellence in Vascular and Cardiac patient care by a highly specialised team, using state of the art diagnostic and interventional technology, in a caring and safe environment, delivering individualised, holistic, care”.

While you are with us you are welcome to involve your family and friends in your care.  It is important that you have a support person with you.

There is a cafe in the reception area where visitors can purchase tea, coffee, and drinks. There is also a  small range of slices, muffins and food available.

Our goal is to provide you, our patients, with a seamless journey for your procedure.

The process usually goes something like this:


Your Referral:

Your GP will refer you to a specialists private rooms. During this consultation with the specialist they will discuss your medical condition and recommend a treatment plan or procedure. The specialist will discuss the procedure fully with you, answering any questions you may have. They will then send a referral to us for your procedure to be booked.

Booking Process:

Our Patient CathLab Co-ordinator will contact you on receipt of a referral and will liaise with you and your specialist to book your procedure. When a date for your procedure has been set, she can then assist with prior approval for most insurance companies, or if you do not have medical insurance, she can discuss the cost of the procedure and payment options. She will then send you information with the date and time for admisson, blood forms, any medication which may need to be stopped, fasting and the likely duration of your stay.

On the day of your Procedure:

What to remember to bring with you

  • Medications: Please bring ALL your current daily medications with you (including any over the counter medications). If you are diabetic please bring your insulin and diabetes test kit.
  • Walking aids.
  • CPAP machine – this may be used during your procedure.
  • Hearing aids.
  • Toiletries and overnight sleep attire.

Parking:    Parking for patients and their visitors is situated in the car park in front of the hospital’s main entrance (off Ohaupo Road.)
For security reasons barrier arms are positioned at the entrance and exit of the carpark. The barriers arms will raise automatically for you to enter. To exit the carpark a token needs to be collected from reception. Patients may be dropped off at the front of the building.

On your arrival at Braemar Hospital, the reception staff will check your details and ensure that we have all the general information that we require from you.  One of the MCVS staff will escort you to the Day Stay area where they will begin your formal admisson process.  If you have any specific dietary requirements please advice our staff.

There is free WiFi available for you to use.  The password is displayed both on the main reception desk and the desk in the Day Stay ward.

Immediately after your Procedure:

After your procedure, you will be transferred back to the Day Stay area.  If your procedure required a general anaesthetic, you will be transferred to the Post Anaesthetic unit before going back to the Day Stay area.

Time for Discharge:

Your length of stay in hosptial varies depending on the procedure being undertaken.  Some procedures require an overnight stay while others just a few hours in the Day Stay area.

Day Stay Procedures:

With uncomplicated procedures you can expect to be discharged 4 – 8 hours post procedure.  If you live outside Hamilton, more than a 30 minute drive from the hospital, most specialists require you to stay locally.  Please arrange accommodation either in a motel or with family or friends, the need for this will be discussed with you during the bookings process.  Nearby motels are listed below under “Accommodation”.  We strongly advise that someone stays with you overnight after any procedure.  If this is not possible, please let our Patient Cathlab Co-ordinator know or the nursing staff during your admisson.

Overnight Stay:

When you are ready for discharge a nurse will go through the discharge instructions with you.  This is your opportunity to ensure you are clear about your care once you are at home.   For some procedures you will need to be seen by a clinical nurse specialist or your specialist prior to discharge.

Before discharge your intravenous line will be removed.  You will be given a discharge folder with all relevent information in it.  It will also have a phone number which allows you to contact us should you have any concerns in the 48 hours after discharge.

Many of our procedures require the use of contrast media (x-ray dye).  In a small percentage of people this may cause an allergic reaction.  A rash, itching or itchy welts sometimes occur.   Please note: This reaction can occur up to 7 days later. Please advise MCVS if this occurs. It is important that you seek medical attention. Your GP may wish to contact us or seek advice through this website.

Patient Satisfaction:

We ask you to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey before your discharge.  If you have any concerns during your stay with us, please do not hesitate to discuss these with a staff member.  Any concerns will addressed as soon as possible.

Payment for Procedures:

Patients with Medical Insurance

Within a few days of your procedure, an invoice will be sent directly to your insurance company for payment.  The insurance company will generally arrange payment direct to us, less any excess that may apply.  Once payment is received from your insurer, we will invoice you directly for any excess due.  There are a number of ways you can settle the balance of your account, (refer payment options below).

Self funding payment options

If you have New Zealand residency and are funding the procedure yourself, you will be required to make a part payment towards your procedure, three working days prior to your procedure date.

The amount of this part payment depends on the procedure that you are having and will be advised about this at the time of booking your procedure.

The best way to make this payment is by internet banking directly to our bank account.

An invoice will be sent to you within a few days of your procedure showing the remaining balance owing.

There are a number of ways you can settle the balance of your account (refer payment options below).

Payment Options:

Our invoice will include our company bank account number and our phone number

  • You can use internet banking to arrange payment directly into our bank account or
  • Alternatively, you can phone us on 07 843 1896,  to arrange payment by credit card, this will incur a 1.5% merchant fee.

Non New Zealand Resident Patients

For Non New Zealand residents, payment is required in full at least three working days prior to your procedure date. Preferred option is by bank transfer.

Rights and Responsibilites:

MCVS is committed to delivering care within the Code of Health & Disability Service Consumers’ Rights.

We encourage you to:

  •  Be actively involved in decisions about your care.
  •  Respect the rights of other patients.
  •  Comply with our no smoking policy.


We comply with the Health Information Privacy Code.  All personal information is protected by the Privacy Act 1993.

By law, we must retain your health information for ten years.  You have the right at any time to access and correct any health information about you, held by MCVS.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way in which your health information is managed by MCVS, please contact our manager.


Finding Accommodation in Hamilton

Hamilton City offers great accommodation options. The links below provide a list of short term accommodation options that are close to MCVS and Braemar Hospital.