How long does a coronary angiogram procedure take?
This is hard to say as everyone is different, but usually 1 hour.
How long does it take to put in a stent?
Also hard to quantify as some stents can take several hours of work. Usually it will take an extra half to 1 hour on top of your angiogram time.
When can I drive?
After 48 hours – This is an LTSA requirement.
When can I go back to work?

This will depend on the type of work you do and your cardiologist will advise you. If you have a physically active and demanding job, the safe recovery time may be up to 4 days.

Will my stent set off the metal detectors at an airport?
No, a stent will not set off the alarms at the airport because it does not contain enough metal.
Could my heart artery ‘burst’ when a stent is put in?
‘Bursting’ or dissection of an artery during angioplasty occurs only very rarely. If this happens it can usually be treated without the need for operation.
Can a stent move or be taken out if not needed any longer?
Once in place, a stent cannot move, and it cannot be removed.
What is a drug eluting stent?

Drug eluting stents are commonly used. They slowly release a drug to block cell proliferation which reduces the risk of re-blocking of the artery. Your cardiologist will advise you of the best type of stent to be used for you.

Can I safely have an MRI scan?
You are advised to avoid MRI scans for the first 6 weeks after stent placement.
When should I see my cardiologist again?
Follow up appointments should be made through your cardiologist’s rooms. Your cardiologist will usually tell you at the time of your procedure when they want to see you again.