Dr Dean Boddington


Dean Boddington is a Cardiologist who has subspecialised in electrical cardiology (Electrophysiology). His area of expertise involves working with patients experiencing problems with abnormal heart rhythm. He performs electrophysiology studies and ablation procedures using electrical cables advanced into the heart to track down and potentially eradicate abnormal rhythm. Dean is also an expert in implanting pacemakers and defibrillators (ICD’s) in patients requiring such devices. The service offered by Dean at Bay Cardiology is focussed on diagnosing and treating patients experiencing palpitations and abnormal heart rhythm.

Dean graduated from the University of Cape Town medical school where he went on to specialise in Internal Medicine. He completed specialist training in Cardiology at Auckland Hospital and then did further training as a fellow in electrical cardiology. He is a member of Heart Rhythm New Zealand, the European Heart Rhythm Association and also of the Heart Rhythm Society in the USA.